PrintBetteridge Legal Consulting (BLC) is a relational and holistic legal practice providing clients with advice and representation in relation to all aspects of employment and in relation to the legal aspects of occupational health and safety law in Victoria. Joanna Betteridge established BLC in 2004 seeking a different way to practice law after more than 10 years as a partner in a national firm. We come to you, and endeavour to add value to all work we do for you.

BLC looks for solutions to workplace issues that will benefit all parties and will address any complex underlying concerns. We recommend seeking outcomes that maintain human dignity and mutual respect and offer hands on workplace dispute resolution processes involving facilitated discussions or more formal mediations.

Of course, even better than facilitating the resolution of a workplace dispute is avoiding one altogether by comprehensively and accurately documenting the obligations, rights and responsibilities of a workplace relationship, whether employment or contracting, and by ensuring that workplace policies and procedures address the right issues, remain relevant and useful and are readily understood by all parties.

When legal disputes occur, as they unfortunately invariably do, BLC provides supportive and expert representation in matters such as unfair dismissals, adverse action claims, bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment complaints, contractual disputes, Fair Work Ombudsman and OHS prosecutions.
BLC conducts many workplace investigations and cultural or climate reviews aimed at identifying the actual immediate cause of the dispute as well as any contextual and underlying problems contributing to the workplace dispute. We have worked extensively in both the private and public sectors. Our investigations are detailed and comprehensive and offer strong evidence based findings and recommendations aimed at restoring relationships where possible while also allowing for justice, fairness and accountability.

As a Senior Fellow with Monash University, Joanna Betteridge is a highly skilled and experienced teacher and communicator and conducts regular training sessions for Boards, executive management teams, staff groups and other interested parties into any aspect of workplace law and in relation to occupational health and safety law.