Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment – Dealing with Bad Behaviour

BullyingBLC provides advice and support for employers and employees seeking to eradicate bad behaviour from the workplace and to obtain justice and redress wrongs

Misconduct and bad workplace behaviour are complex and difficult issues to deal with in any workplace.  Except for very obvious misconduct such as fraud, theft and violence, sexual harassment or intimidation, the identification of other bad behaviours is often a question coloured by differences in perceptions, patience, intentions and underlying biases and assumptions.

BLC believes that strategies and solutions to deal with this behaviour then also have to be complex and sometimes multi-layered – yes, legally appropriate, but also approached with an attitude of respect and an ability to listen and understand concerns and to seek both a legal and practically workable solution.

BLC encourages all employers to take a zero tolerance attitude, throughout all levels of an organisation, to behaviour such as discrimination or sexual harassment or bullying as this will minimise instances of these behaviours but such policies need to be accompanied by appropriate training and consistently applied policies and procedures.  BLC can assist with all of these steps.

Joanna Betteridge lectures for Monash University in Discrimination Law and Human Rights at Work and she therefore has an extremely high level of expertise in relation to the law in this area.