Managing Performance and Workplace Standards

Managing PerformanceBLC can assist employers with drafting policies and procedures, advising on what areas to cover and in dealing with employees whose performance of their work tasks does not adhere to the standard required

Implied by law into every contract of employment are a number of legal duties. One of the main duties is the obligation of every employee to obey lawful and reasonable directions of the employer. The issuing of a policy or procedure by the employer is the issuing of a lawful and reasonable direction.

BLC is highly experienced at drafting, reviewing or customising policies and procedures for your workplace. There is no point in having a set of policies and procedures unless they are practical and useful and provide guidance not only on legal obligations but also set the tone and culture of an organisation.

Nobody likes to be criticised and few people give criticism well. The process of performance management of staff who are not performing up to expectation is often a minefield. Not uncommonly performance management processes are the birthplaces of bullying complaints, WorkCover claims and resignations. BLC can support and advise employers on how best to handle such processes and how to minimise risk.

Joanna Betteridge lectures for Monash University in the Law of Workforce Management and she therefore has an extremely high level of expertise in relation to the law in this area.