Recruitment and Engagement of Staff and Contractors

Recruitment and ContractsBLC draws and customises contracts for senior executives, staff and contractors, advises on recruitment processes and the employment and engagement of staff generally

The most important document in any employment relationship is the contract and this is often neglected or avoided at a time when both sides of the agreement should be embracing the opportunity to document what their respective rights and obligations are and what they expect of each other in the new working relationship.

BLC knows that different types of contracts suit different roles and relationships.  While you may want a full and detailed contract for your new CEO, the documentation of your relationship with Award staff is necessarily going to be different as many of their rights will already be covered by clauses of the Award.  Rights contained in the Fair Work Act 2009 and other applicable legislation need to be acknowledged and identified.

Decisions need to be made about the nature of the working relationship and the respective needs of the business and the individual.

BLC can assist with drafting and customising for your business a suite of consistent and fair contracts applicable to all levels of your organisation and to all types of employment and contracting relationships.