Resolving disputes – Facilitated Discussions and Mediations

Resolving DisputesBLC offers alternative dispute resolution solutions to workplace disagreements…facilitated discussions between two staff or a whole department or a formal mediation process

There will always be difficulties in human relationships where people of different backgrounds, ages, experience, skills and qualifications and personality type all have to work together in often stressful and pressured conditions.

BLC recognises and understands that sometimes these difficulties can be resolved by both parties to a dispute articulating their concerns and being heard by an independent third party who provides insight and a solution focused pathway to resolution of the dispute and restoration of the relationship. Sometimes both parties need to talk out the dispute in a formal mediation process.

In situations where relationships are permanently damaged, BLC can advise employers on appropriate next steps.

Joanna Betteridge became an accredited mediator with LEADR in 2004.