Training and Education – Communicating Legal Responsibilities

EducationBLC tailors educational programs to all levels of an organisation

Joanna Betteridge is a Senior Fellow with Monash University and has taught in their post graduate Law Faculty Workplace Law program since 2005.  Her classes all have waiting lists. She lectures in:

  • Occupational Health and Safety,
  • the Law of Workforce Management,
  • Discrimination and Human Rights at Work and
  • Workplace Investigations and Misconduct.

Joanna is an excellent communicator and teacher.  She has presented training sessions to Boards, groups of senior management, broader area interest groups, staff groups generally and specific interest groups of staff such as health and safety representatives, staff managing large groups of volunteers and staff groups leading up to traditional “danger times” such as Christmas parties.

BLC can tailor a customised training package for any employer based on their industry, their experiences and particular areas of risk.